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I enjoy continuous learning, tech, run, being creative, and work with awesome people. So I build companies.

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Building a new habit? A rule and a hack.

Have you ever tried to build a habit from scratch? It's tough. I guess authors who write about forming habits are successful for a reason. Obstacles and pitfalls make giving up on our initiative a piece of cake. Being an entrepreneur and working from home forced me to improve at building habits. Either to force myself out of the flat from time to time, or just to work when motivation eludes me. I wasn't good at keeping up with my goal-requiring habits right from the start. I did a lot of reading about this very topic and took the time to analyse what works for me and what hasn't really helped. The latter is a very important step that is...

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What kills creativity?

"Maybe theres no market for that." "It is very similar to this or that existing product." "People won't be interested / make fun of me." "I'm not sure if I should waste time even thinking about it!" Working from home requires a way in order to mark the end of the working day. I've established a little, yet successful, routine that includes a running session. During this away-from-the-computer time, I allow my mind to wander and often develop all kinds of ideas. When I open the door back home, I've already forgotten most of those thoughts. But sometimes, one or two ideas stick that I feel like exploring further. But after a few minutes, a few hours, or a few...

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Using Trello to manage your sales pipeline

In the beginning of June, we decided that our new product was ready to be shown to more people other than the few already involved in the alpha version. I started talking and meeting with people to pitch to them, and give demos of our software. I soon realised this could become a giant mess if I didn't define a framework to organise the whole process. I can't call myself a professional salesman, but I've worked with a lot of them and have seen all kinds of techniques to keep track of their interactions with leads, prospects or customers. So I did what all of us entrepreneurs would do when they need a new tool - I checked what was...

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Rethinking the selling process

I was only 21 when I co-founded my first real company. Prior to that, I had been working for a bit more than three years at two different companies. My jobs were mainly technical (as an engineer), but I also happened to meet prospects and customers with salesmen. On this first entrepreneurial adventure, we weren't exactly sure about everyone's role. I can't recall exactly how it happened, but I ended up being in charge of what we called business development. Back in the day, it essentially meant making phone calls, visiting people who accepted to meet after said phone calls and attending entrepreneur meet-ups at the Chamber of Commerce or at the French union of employers. I had really no...

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Test run your non-technical co-founder

A fellow entrepreneur I know is currently facing a situation which a lot of us will reach, at some point on our entrepreneurship journey. For the last few months, he has been busy building his idea a pretty neat SaaS platform to help developers manage their staging environments, and doing the validation work all alone. And while the technical part seems to be perfectly on track, he thinks that the time might have come to consider hiring a co-founder to help him with the non-technical tasks. Luckily enough, he already has an eligible candidate, right in his network. Someone that could be perfect for this position. But, how can he be sure they will manage to work together? This blog...

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